Naked Bulb Anthology (June 2019)


“A Boy No More”

Dual Coast Magazine (June 2019)



“Tiny Feminist”

Nebo: A Literary Journal (Spring 2019, 37.2)

“Look and Listen”

Oddball Magazine (April 2019)

“Waiting For The T”


Poetry Quarterly (Winter 2018)

“A Forest of Infestation”

Nebo: A Literary Journal (Fall 2018, 37.1)

"Smoking Divinity" (Scroll Down To Gaboury) 

The Flickering Light: Down In The Dirt Magazine January - June 2019 Issue and Chapbook Collection Anthology

Down in the Dirt Magazine (Revision, August 2018)

"Lunch Email" 


Dual Coast Magazine (July 2018)

"Confession," "Her," and "Townie" (Page 141)

Fredericksburg Literary Art & Review (Spring / Summer 2018)


Manzano Mountain Review (Summer 2018)


"Energy in the Demise of Mama Bear and Santa Claus"

Chaleur Magazine (May 2018)


"The Saltwater in My Blood"

Oddball Magazine (May 2018)


"Sammy the Angel"

Red Fez (March 2018)


"A Beggar's Body"

Red Fez (December 2017)


"Life is a Dirty Bomb"

Full of Crow (Summer 2017)



The Gambler (February 2017)


"Kansas City Night"

IthacaLit (Winter 2016)


"The Tattooed Lady in the Bowery" and "The Tattooed Lady in Manhattan's Belly"

Scarlet Leaf Review (March 2016)


"Miss Alford Walks"

The Open Mouse (March 2016)


"The Man Who Lives in a Giant Naked Woman"

Oddball Magazine (March 2015)



Oddball Magazine (August 2014)


"The Photographer Is Not Welcome," "A Snapshot in the Presence of Modern Cowboys," "The Miner is Definable," "Life is a Dirty Bomb," and "My Kansas City Self" 

Boston Poetry Magazine (August 2013)


"Tattoo" and "Shivering in the Garden"

Write From Wrong Magazine (December 2011)


"When Angels Smoke" and "Newlyweds"

Write From Wrong Magazine (February 2011)