Science Fiction


“My Steampunked Universe”

Passaic / Völuspá (June 2019)


“Blood in the Cosmos”

Passaic / Völuspá (June 2019)


“Within Our Milky Way Block,” (Page 5, Revision)

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“NASA Test Subject”

Abstract: Contemporary Expressions (February 2019)

“Laika” (Page 196)

Fredericksburg Literary Art & Review (Winter 2019)

“The Moon Water Case”

Abstract: Contemporary Expressions (January 2019)

“The Apollo National Park”

Abstract: Contemporary Expressions (January 2019)

“Dreaming Into Wakefulness” (Page 8)

Adolphus Journal (November 2018)

“Moon Trash”

Abstract: Contemporary Expressions (November 2018)

“Mary’s Moonbeams”

Abstract: Contemporary Expressions (November 2018)

"The Cherry Blossom Planet"


Bacopa Literary Review (August 2018)

"Space Vision"

Eclectica (July / August 2018)

“Hello Universe Lovers”


Poetry Quarterly (Summer 2018)

"The Universe Above Us"

Anapest (June 2018)

"A Stranger in Roswell" and "Native"

Manzano Mountain Review (Summer 2018)


"I Walk Into Your Galaxy" 

The Ear (May 2018)


"Jacob As An Asteroid Miner" 

Literary Juice (April 2018)


"Project Echo"


Poetry Quarterly (2017 Rebecca Lard Award Finalist, Spring 2018)


"My Caridocentric Sister" 

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"Planet X Soap Opera"

Map Literary (December 2017)


"Wild" (Page 56) and "Morning News in the Twenty-Second Century" (Page 57)

The Birds We Piled Loosely (October 2017)


"Rejoice in Caffeinated Spin"

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"The Planetary Invaders Recovery Group"

After Happy Hour Review (Spring 2017)


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"Dear Outer Space,"

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The 40th New Millennium Writings Poetry Contest (Vol. 25, Honorable Mention, December 2016)


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