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Keith Mark Gaboury's

Poetic World

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The Strange Is Beautiful

b.1985 in Berkeley, California

Raised in the Bay Area, Castle Rock, Colorado,

and Olathe, Kansas


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Keith Mark Gaboury earned a B.A. in English: Concentration in Creative Writing from Baker University (2008), a M.A. in English: Concentration in Literature from San Francisco State University (2010), and a M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Concentration in Poetry from Emerson College (2013).

In the Bay Area, he is a regular attendee at literary readings, open mics, and workshops, including Saturday Night Special, Naked BulbQuiet Lightning, and The San Francisco Creative Writing Institute.  

From such topics as science fiction, surrealism, and religion, Keith's poetry perceives reality through a disjointed lens. Whether a poem travels to the moon Europa or slithers along a Brooklyn sidewalk, unexpectedness is ripped open where the strange is truly beautiful.

Keith is a poet, preschool teacher, and runner in Oakland, California.